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My First Prints of the Year

My first prints of the new year were completed today by Brent Bond at Santo Press. These two prints represent the 19th and 20th print editions we have completed in less than a year.

Rubedo is a linocut I shelved for a long while. I just couldn’t get it to print as cleanly as I wanted it to print. And then I found Brent–who can make any matrix print superbly. He worked wonders with this one and I couldn’t be happier.

Quicksilver I is the first of a planned threesome Santo Press is publishing. It’s our first try using a laser to cut the linoleum block. All three will be printed with shimmering metallic ink on black paper. The laser-cut linoleum blocks will then eventually be carved by hand and printed as three-color reduction prints–which will look entirely different.

There are quite a few more prints planned so keep watching this space for more updates. We are cranking them out pretty fast.  

print, art, printmaking,Rubedo; 2016; Linocut; published by Santo Press; edition of 20; 11″ x 11″ image size; Stonehenge Cream paper 17″ x 15″.

Print by Janet Towbin, Quicksilver I,

Quicksilver I; 2016; Laser cut linoleum; published by Santo Press; 10″ x  8″ image size; Stonehenge black paper, 14″ x 11″

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