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Tessellation 7

My newly completed drawing is the seventh in my series of Tessellations all based on a single shape. This one has taken me longer than usual to complete–our Thanksgiving trip to Cincinnati came just after I was about half-way into the drawing. Coming back to it after that time away was hard yet rewarding.

Concentrating on the drawing has taken my mind off politics (UGH!). I sat at my drawing table and got lost in lines and shadows. My only concern each day for hours at a time was whether a line should be darker or if an area would look more dimensional, showing more motion if shading was added.  As the drawing appears right now, it may or may not be finished. I’ve decided to look at it for a few days–and then determine if it might need a bit more added detail in some of the open areas. Time will tell.

drawing, graphite on paper,Tessellation 7; 2016; graphite on paper; 22″ x 30″

Here is a fun detail shot of the drawing I took at a low sideways angle. I was completely surprised with how dimensional it looked this way. Who knows? I might turn this oddly angled “anamorphic-looking” photo into a mirrored pattern drawing. The fun never ends!

drawing, graphite on paper,Tessellation 7 (detail on an angle); 2016; graphite on paper; 22″ x 30″

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New in The Patterns of Obsession Series: Mirrored Swirls

I finally completed a new drawing yesterday in my Patterns of Obsession series called Mirrored Swirls. The idea of it has been haunting (or intimidating?) me for well over a year and I finally decided to sit down and do it. The “mirrored swirls” concept has also been utilized in a print (or two) and was the subject of a much smaller drawing a while back.

But here is the BIG one in all her glory! It is graphite on paper, image size 16″ x 16″ (paper 22″ x 22″).

Mirrored Swirls


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