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Web Mesh is the first published print in a three-print series Santo Press (Brent Bond) and I are working on this year. It also happens to be the 26th edition we have collaborated on in less than 6 months. That’s got to be a record.

With Web Mesh we tried out some very cool and new (for me, at least) processes; this is a 3-color linocut reduction print with variable crumpled wax-paper offset. The first stage of the linoleum block was laser-cut while the 2 succeeding stages were cut by hand. The final color (in the top area) was printed using the technique of placing hand-crumpled wax paper on the inked linocut, then hand-rolling it with a brayer. The crazed wax paper left it’s crinkled impression in the ink–the inked matrix was then run through the press leaving a lovely and softly textured area of color.

Web Mesh, Print by Janet Towbin, Web Mesh; 2016; variable edition of 30; published by Santo Press; 3-color reduction (laser and hand) linocut with crumpled wax paper offset; 10″ x 8″ image size; 14″ x 11″ paper size.

crumpled wax paper,Crumpled wax paper.

rolling wax paper offset

Brent Bond using a brayer to offset wax paper on matrix.

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  1. March 16, 2017 - Reply

    […] Brent masterfully incorporated the wrinkles of the wax paper with it’s lacey creases in an overlay of pale yellow on a darker orange ground. This print is the second of what will be a series of three 3-color reduction linocuts published by Santo Press. You can read about Web Mesh, the first print of the series here. […]

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