What Harry Said…

“This is a rara avis, an artist who perpetually reinvents herself, researching new concepts, new materials, new themes, yet always retaining a look, a beauty in her works that forever marks each a “Towbin.”

In two memorable exhibitions she explored-philosophically and psychologically as well as aesthetically-the meaning of blue, the meaning of black. In another, she filled a white cube of a gallery with freewheeling drawings based on a single Japanese river pebble. She has simulated a high-tech electrochemical process to create magical monotypes with graphite inks. She has painted with low-tech fingernail polish. She has drawn a line on a 20,000-inch stack of computer paper to capture America’s obsession with the open road.

All history is grist for her mill, from primitive markings to contemporary graffiti. And few artists are as adept at translating the mystery of dreams into tangible form-a transmutation the alchemists of old would have appreciated!”

Harry Schwalb

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