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Hot Off the Press!

Yesterday was a busy day in the studio for me. I worked on three new plates and proofed them. Two of the three came out great and will soon be printed in editions. The third (not shown) needs a little more work–a minor adjustment here and there before it makes the cut.

I am still considering whether or not to add color to these two prints, but for now you can see how they look in black ink as they were proofed.

Here are the plates all inked up and ready to print:

2 New Plates art by Janet TowbinLeft plate: NetSquared; Right plate: Solar Mum


The first proofed print you see below is from a photograph I digitally solarized. It was posted to this blog a few weeks ago. If you are interested you can see both the original mum photograph and the digitally solarized versions here.

This is what it looks like as an etching:Solar Mum photopolymer etching by Janet TowbinSolar Mum (proof); 2014; Photopolymer etching; 8″ x 8″

I am very pleased with the Solar Mum print in black ink and will edition it as seen.  It might also look great with some added color.

This second print was created from an ink drawing on acetate. It, too will be printed in black ink–but my plan is to add some background color using chine collé.

NetSquared photopolymer etching by Janet TowbinNetSquared (proof); 2014; Photopolymer etching; 8″ x 10″

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