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Triangulation Series

Here are my newest prints–a series of three in what I am calling the Triangulation Series, printed by Brent Bond at Santo Press. The prints are based on drawings I have been working on for the past decade or so. In this series I have concentrated on bringing color to what are usually black and white drawings. These prints take the drawings to a totally different dimension by adding vivid color. The linocuts are laser engraved which is a very exciting printmaking technique that Brent suggested we try using. It has proven to be a great way to get very sharp and clean lines. Eventually the blocks will be printed as reduction linocuts in three colors each. The prints are in an edition of 20 on 14″ x 11″ paper; image size is 10″ x 8″. They are priced at $100.00 individually or the series of 3 for $250.00.

Print by Janet Towbin, Pathway Orange

Pathway Orange

Print by Janet Towbin, WebMesh Blue

WebMesh Blue

Print by Janet Towbin, Triangulation Green

Triangulation Green

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