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The Enchanted (Raku) Forest

There is something about this macro image of a raku vase that makes me think of an enchanted forest enveloped in a blue mist. Funny how I have looked at this vase (by Richard Towbin) for years and never really saw the forest until I got up close with my macro lens. It is amazing what will appear when you see things close up—and I love using my macro lens for just that reason.

The Enchanted Raku Forest by Janet Towbin


  1. Rella Zoe Kaplan
    January 18, 2014 - Reply

    Love your discovery w/your macro lens! Just got a macro lens when in NY. Can’t wait to use it!!!! Richie’s pottery always fascinated me! Hidden treasures!!

  2. January 22, 2014 - Reply


    Always loved his raku pots. Some of my all-time favorites. xo

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