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Hand-Painted Edition of 10!

I have finally completed my variable edition of 10 hand-painted prints and am very pleased with the results. Here is the suite of 10 Mandala 2 Leaf prints which may be seen individually here. They are actually on white paper (one mandala per printed sheet), but I thought it would be interesting to see them all together on a black background.

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Leaf Mandala

Leaf Mandala–the 5-color reduction print was finally completed a couple of weeks ago at Santo Press. Master printer Brent Bond did a truly phenomenal job on this print and though it took longer than I anticipated, it was worth waiting for. Leaf Mandala is comprised of a laser-engraved key block (the black lines) with 2 hand-cut linoleum blocks for the 4 colors printed in reduction. The resulting image appears to be 6 colors because of overlapping color areas. It is exactly as I envisioned it would be, so I couldn’t be happier.

Leaf Mandala (color); 2019; 5-color laser-engraved and hand cut multi-block linocut; 16 inch diameter on 23 x 22 inch paper; edition of 10; $650.00.

Leaf Mandala (color) detail; 2019; 5-color laser-engraved and hand cut multi-block linocut; 16 inch diameter on 23 x 22 inch paper; edition of 10.

In case you are interested, here is what the colors looked like prior to printing the key block. This is a working registration sample, and was not one of the finished prints. 


There is also an edition (of 5) in black ink:Leaf Mandala; 2019; laser engraved linocut; edition of 5; 16 inch diameter on 23 x 22 inch paper; $400.00

And don’t forget, there are many iterations of this print that are hand-painted with watercolors. You can see 5 of them all right here but this one is my favorite–so far, that is. I’ve got 5 more to paint!

Mandala 2 (Leaf) VE 5; Hand-painted laser-cut relief print; 22.5 x 22 inches; 2018; $750.00

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The 1967/Swirl print is complete. It is a “companion” to my larger 1967 Swirl painting from the Sixties Paintings series. The print is a 2-color laser-cut linoleum block printed by Brent Bond at Santo Press. Stay tuned–there may be a few more prints in this Psychedelic series. Plans are in the works for some small editions using decorative chine collé papers.

1967/Swirl is 11 x 14 inches on Hahnemuhle paper 15 x 17.5 inches; printed in an edition of 30. It is available for $250.


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New Print! Feather Flower–Red

This is the first in a series of three prints. It is a one-color relief print completed this week by Brent Bond of Santo Press. Another laser-cut linoleum block, Feather Flower–Red was hand-inked and printed in an edition of 10. The second iteration in the series is being printed now and should be ready to be signed in a couple of days. It is a 2-color print in vivid colors of cobalt blue and chartreuse. The third edition will be a 3-color reduction print. Flower Feather–Red is the 64th edition Brent and I have completed in just 2 years–setting a world record, I think. We are on fire!

Feather Flower–Red is available for $400 (unframed).

Feather Flower–Red; 2017, laser-cut linoleum relief print, 16″ x 16″ on Stonehenge paper 23″ x 22.5″, edition of 10, printed by Santo Press.

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